The Do It In the Back Seat – Buckle Up initiative was started after a classmate was involved in an accident where the backseat passenger was killed because she was not buckled.

Why did this have to happen?

It was shocking to learn that Florida does not require the use of seatbelts in the back seat and ranks second in the number of unrestrained passenger fatalities.

Enough is enough.

The purpose of Do It in the Back Seat is twofold.  First and foremost we want to educate everyone about the importance of wearing a seat belt in the back seat of a car.  We want you to know that the lives of everyone in the car are jeopardized if you are unbuckled in the back seat. Take a look at our videos to see the ugly truth about being unbuckled in the back.

Secondly, we want to amend the current seat belt law in Florida to require seatbelt use for everyone, including those in the backseat. Twenty eight states already have enacted this law and have seen a dramatic decline in passenger fatalities. 

We realize the name of our initiative is a bit risqué, but we’re not afraid to generate some controversy if it grabs the attention of our target audience— the 18-25 year old — that just happens to be the group least likely to buckle up in the back.

This a grass roots movement whose time has come.  We appreciate you looking and learning from our site. 

Sign the petition, take the pledge, and spread the word to

Do It in the Back Seat!

Jake Reis
Founder of Do It in the Back Seat – Buckle Up